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Living in the Hipster Age

First of all I have to say that it’s kind of pathetic how behind I am on posting about my adventures. I’ve been to London, Oxford, home to Colorado, San Fransisco, and Kalispell Montana and I have yet to write a single word about any of it. I promise I will eventually get to it all and even more, but today I have to talk about something else: Hipsters.

We live in a world of forward ever, trend setting, mustache grooming, hipsters. They set the trends, then jump out of the drivers seat leaving the band wagon to fall off a cliff. I know several of these coffee loving folk, I have even been accused of being on myself every now and then. We love to hate them and that is just what my new web-series Little Hipsters is about. The everyday lives of those record loving, flannel wearing, ironic glasses sporting girls and gals. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe to see more videos every week! I’ll be back to my travels in a few days.

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The Bucket List Challenge and What Pinterest Has Taught Me

For those of you who don’t know I am third year film student. I love film, I love making short films, and vlogs, but I also cooking and reading and making DIY projects and, as I’m sure you’re well aware by now, travel. Because I have a passion for all of these various things, it is no surprise that Pinterest has become a really big part of my life in the last few years. It’s the best place to sit and document all the things you want to accomplish someday. But that’s also the problem with Pinterest; we spend all of our time pinning the things we want to do, and no time actually doing them. So I have set out on a mission to correct that. I have decided that I am going to start going through my Pinterest and accomplishing the things I pin, and since I am a film maker, what else is there for me to do but document it? So here’s the deal, instead of pining other people’s lives, I am going to set up a Youtube channel where I will post recipes, DIY projects, book reviews, and most importantly travel videos as I work my way to a life well pinned. But don’t worry, I will still be blogging about it as well because how could I give up writing? I want to prove that anyone can be a doer even if you don’t have all the time and money in the world. I am so poor sometimes it’s actually tragic, but I don’t let it stop me from accomplishing the things I want to in this life.

In that same vein I will also be working through my bucket list which you can read in my blog post here, and posting videos about those experiences.  In fact when I got to Barcelona and Paris next week I will (hopefully) be checking off numbers:

74) Stand atop the Eiffel Tower, 127) Eat a croissant in France, 137) Visit Versailles, and139) Eat Paella in Barcelona

Some of them are cheesy like eating a croissant in France, but some of them are more serious like seeing the stars from Atacama or riding an elephant. I am just tired of saying someday and I really want to start saying; “Today I…” and I challenge you to do the same.

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How I Met the German Transit Authority

Two days in Germany and I already broke the law. There we were, midnight, filming a short skit between trains. A train had just arrived so we stopped filming and waited. I was on one side of the tracks, my colleagues on the other, when two transit authority officers stepped off the train on their side. They looked at them, they look across at me, and then slowly began to make their way to the end of the track to cross over to my side. Everyone tried to look busy, tried to look innocent, tried to look anywhere but directly at them. They approached me. “Was maschst du?” (which is actually a simplified version of what they said…not that I actually know) I’m smart enough to assume they asked me what I was doing so I told them we were filming a short student film. They asked if I spoke German I said no, they asked if my friends spoke German I said some. FINALLY one of my colleagues came over and talked to them. Apparently it is illegal, without permission, to film or photograph on transit property. So we packed up, while they watched, and finally they got on a train and left. No major trouble, but now we know! You live, you learn.

After, at about 1am two friends rode the train home with me. Frankfurt at night is very quite. There are one or two people out, but not many. Everywhere you go there is silence. It’s quite nice actually. I feel safer on the streets of Frankfurt than I ever have anywhere in the US. I could live in Frankfurt and be very happy.

My favorite part of the day is my morning commute to Konstablerwache, which is a central square in town. There is  Starbucks and loads of shops, and a huge mall, home to the world’s second longest elevator which I had the privilege of riding. I like my commute because it’s one time of the day that I don’t have to be an American. I don’t have to be just another tourist, because as long as I have my headphones in, I know which train to get on and off on, and I don’t speak, no one knows. It’s nice to just be a fake German commuter for twenty minutes every morning. At least until I order coffee an butcher every word.

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“My Lens is Bigger Than Yours” A Quick Aside On Being A Woman In A Male Dominated Discipline

First of all I need to say that I’m angry. I am actually livid about the way I’ve been treated since I changed my major. Secondly, this is going to be short and unorganized because I have finals to study for.

As a theatre major being a woman is so common that no one bats an eyelash. But now I’m a Film major, and God forbid a woman tries to produce films without being discriminated against or put down, regardless of her talent. And let me say that I know I’m not God’s gift to the world of cinema, and I’m still a student so of course I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I also know that I have some talent in this area and have been given praise by people who are highly qualified and resected in their fields. I have also been given a lot of criticism from them which I try to apply to my own work. If someone wants to tell me my work is crap because it actually is, so be it. But if someone tries to put me down simply because I’m a woman and they have a problem with that, then we’re going to have a problem, because my vagina has no bearing on my artistic talent.

There is a serious lack of female presence in the cinema. Not because there aren’t woman producing films, but because in the andreocentric world that is movie making, woman tend to get passed over. There are obviously some prominent females, like  Kathryn Bigelow and Mira Nair, and of course Nora Ephron, but on the whole when you ask someone who their favorite director is they are going to Spielberg, or Tarantino, or Anderson, or Nolan. (Who are all with the exception of Tarantino on the top of my list as well). It is just down right frustrating as a woman to constantly be studying the work of a bunch of old white dudes. I’m over it. Where are my revolutionary female film makers? Why aren’t they making it into my text books? Someone explain to me why having a penis makes someone more qualified to teach, make, or critique films.

I also find a lot the men around me constantly trying to play the comparison game. The, “My lens is bigger than you” game. The truth is I feel no need to compare myself to anyone, at least not in a way that makes them feel like I’m better than them. I compare my work to other artists I respect so I can become a better director and film maker sure, but it seems to always turn into a primal, territorial thing with these guys. Sorry boys, I’m lacking an important organ to join in the fun, so I’ll just go back to being a professional and getting my work done, thanks.

Really it is just hard to wake up every morning and I know that as soon as I walk out of my door I’m going to have to listen to a bunch of men talk to me like I’m an idiot who couldn’t possibly understand what they are talking about. I’ve learned really quickly that there are some men who are just never going to see me as an equal no matter how hard I work or how much experience I have. Being in the south definitely exacerbates the problem. Coming from the liberal mountain of colorado to a small conservative town in Tennessee has been about as big of a culture shock as I’m likely to have outside of my move to Europe. I just want to be taken seriously and not as a child to be seen and not heard. But you know what? If I have to wake up everyday and prove that I have just as much creative right and talent as ten men my age and older, then so be it. I will fight everyday to show the world that I have a passion and vision and I’m not backing down. The more I get pushed out the harder I’ll push back. There may be a glass ceiling, but glass was made to be broken.

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The Great European Adventure

When I graduated from High School all I wanted to do was pack up, and head…anywhere. I wanted to go to Europe and Asia and South America and Canada. Anywhere that wasn’t a tiny town in Colorado. But with no way to support myself, and two parents who insisted that I give it, “The old College try”, I was left with no choice but to pack my bags and move to Tennessee. And while I have come to love the school I go to and the people I do life with, I had, by no means, given up on those dreams of seeing the world. I just didn’t know how, or when that was going to happen. On Thanksgiving of 2013 I got a phone call from my God Father telling me that he was packing up his family and moving to Barcelona for a new opportunity. He would be working, living, and traveling in Europe, and he wanted me to come too. Obviously he knew I couldn’t just pack up and leave everything behind, that was impractical, but he encouraged me to find a way to come live with them, even for just a few months. Fast forward to June of 2014, I suddenly have a genius idea. Shortly before leaving for the summer one of my professors and asked me if I had ever considered studying abroad. As a film major there was an opportunity to go to L.A. which would fulfill my internship requirement and be a chance to study off campus for a semester. I started to think about ti and the idea began to sound more and more appealing, but in the back of my head I couldn’t get the idea of Europe to go away. Then it hit me. If i could go to L.A. on a film internship, why couldn’t I go to Barcelona on one? I immediately called my God father and pitched him the idea. I would take a semester abroad, stay enrolled at school, and intern for his production company. He loved the idea and plans began to be put into place. As I returned to school my focus was on convincing my professors and administration that this was a valuable trip that would benefit me in so many ways, and prepare me for a future in film production. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and so a year and half, and a few student loans later, I am preparing set out on the journey of a lifetime. I’ll be in Europe from July to December, traveling from Barcelona to Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Athens, London, and who knows where else? I intend to mark a few things off my bucket list, learn a little about making documentaries, and a lot about myself.

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