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We’ll Be Back At 3pm

So I’ve gone to Montana for thanksgiving which was really nice because I haven’t seen my cousins in such a long time, and even though we had to drive through a snow storm to get there it was well worth the near death to get to spend the holiday with such good friends. (And so much food)

After the holiday I decided to stay a week longer than my parents and fly back to Colorado so I could spend more time with my cousin and her kids. It was a great week of binge watching Hallmark movies and eating more Christmas cookies than anyone one person has the right to. It was nice to be with family after so long away in Europe.

Today my trip came to an end and I get to the airport two hours early as is my normal flying routine. No checked bags, boarding pass sitting in Passbook, I am ready to fly through security and get to my gate for some nice downtime to read or blog or what have you. 

I get to the security entrance prepared to remove my laptop, when I notice the door is half closed and there’s a cheap dollar store “we’ll be back” sign on it. It says “We’ll be back at 3:00”. Excuse me? What kind of airport doesn’t run security two hours before a flight?! I can’t believe what I’m seeing so I look around and sure enough all the security personnel is hanging out in security, talking and laughing and generally looking like they’re on a break. 

I know Glacier International is small airport but come on guys! It’s now 11:00 and I’m still waiting to go through security. I should be through and relaxing with a good book until boarding by now. 

I will remain vigilant and stare at the security door until someone starts running security checks. What the heck kind of airport is this?

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There is Kindness in the World and why I will never be a Duck hunter

Being home is weird because when you don’t live there most of the time, but you’re not really living elsewhere, it’s hard to figure out how things should go. I’m not sure my parents have quite figured out if I’m an adult or not. It’s like it’s instinct for them to tell me to put the glass in the dishwasher while I’m still using it, and for me it’s like I live on my own 90% of the time and you don’t think I know where a cup goes? But we’re figuring it out, and I do enjoy being home but for everyone’ sanity, maybe it’s a good thing I leave in a week…

This last week I got to vacation in Steamboat Springs which was lovely. The mountains are great winter or summer. On our way back home we passed through Denver to look at a wedding venue with my sister for her upcoming nuptials. We go there early so we decided to get coffee and sit outside since it was such a nice day. Well while we were sitting there chatting I saw a young man with a tattered coat and worn backpack walk up tot he trashcan ¬†outside the coffee shop, lift the lid, and start going through every bag looking for uneaten food. He searched and searched and I found myself hopelessly wishing I had some food, or at least some cash to give him when he seemed to give up and start to walk away. Well, dear readers, I was not the only one watching. At a table near us there was a little family of grandma, mother, and two little girls eating an afternoon snack. As the young man began to walk away she hurried up to him, reached out a hand, and gave him a full sandwich and a banana. He smiled gratefully, almost a bit apologetically and walked away with the food in hand. The thing that really touched me about this, besides the fact that that man got to eat that day obviously, was that the woman gave up her own food, and no one saw it. I’m not saying that she should be given a parade for doing the right things, what I’m saying is she didn’t do the right thing and expect one. She did an act of kindness, in front of hundreds of strangers, and I don’t think anyone noticed but me. In fact, until she got up I was sure I was the only one who noticed the man at all. I wish we could all be like that woman. Because the problem is not homelessness, it’s the avoidance of things that make the rest of us uncomfortable. If we payed more attention maybe that young ma wouldn’t have to root through the garbage to find food. The war on poverty shouldn’t be relocating the homeless somewhere where we can’t see them. The war on poverty should be taking steps to see them relocated somewhere permanent and safe.

On a lighter note I went clay shooting with my father on Saturday and I still can’t raise my arms…

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Always See Your Favorite Bands Live

The saying goes that you should never meet your hero, but when it comes to people whose music you love, go see them, and meet them if you can, especially if they are doing an acoustic set.

I told you a few weeks back about my Drew Holcomb experience, and how amazing his post show was. Well on Father’s day I got the chance to go see another one of my favorite bands at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado, Johnnyswim. If you have never heard this amazing husband and wife duo, do it. Just pull up Spotify right now and listen to anything they do and you will fall in love. When I found out they were going to be at the Fox I jumped at the chance to see them in a small venue, at $20 a head. Since it was father’s day a dragged my father with me, though he seemed to also really enjoy it.

The great thing about this concert was, because it was such a small venue, Amanda Grace and Abner Ramirez did a lot of story telling, and interaction with the audience. They just got to go on stage, do what they love, and have a few laughs with a group of people who really appreciate them and the music they make. They did an acoustic concert which, honestly, I think is better than seeing them with their band. It’s so much more intimate and their songs were written for an acoustic setting really.

The whole night was just like hanging out with a bunch of old friends listening to some good music. It was a few hours full of laughter, music, drinks, and a surprisingly small amount of marijuana considering we were in Boulder Colorado. Over all it was a magical night and definitely up there for me with the Drew Holcomb concert. So basically, what I’m saying is, go see your favorite musician live. Find cheap tickets, save up your money, just go. It is so worth it, and something you will remember for a long time to come.

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Summer Haze-My Inability to Actually Keep up With Anything

It is a proven fact in my life that as soon as school is over I am incapable of actually accomplishing anything, which includes remembering to keep my blog updated, write in my journal, or complete summer work more than a few hours before it’s due.

So, quick recap: After my adventures in Abingdon I spent a few days in Virginia Beach where I went to the boardwalk, and explored the Chrysler Museum. I then took a very long drive up to Albany New York where I wondered and got lost in New York City, boated on the Hudson (where I very nearly got seriously injured in a male pride field boating accident), went to the drive in, and rode horses through beautiful green fields. Then I was off on a two day drive to Cocoa Beach Florida where I spent most of my time lying on the beach working on my tan, reading, and doing homework (If I could go one summer without having to take online classes I think I would die of happiness). Then I stopped in Boone North Carolina where I wondered the streets of cute little towns and explored caves barefoot. After this found myself in Knoxville Tennessee where I went to tea at the a lovely Parisian tea room, and had pie at a tiny pie shop with two of my favorite woman. Then my friend and I traveled up to Indianapolis for my other friend’s bridal shower, and then another two day trip brought me back to Colorado and back to my childhood home for a few weeks.

Phew! That was quite the journey let me tell you. Now I am finally back in my home state for, at this point three more weeks before I’m off on a plane to Europe for a whole new adventure. Now to get back to my five page paper that I haven’t even started.

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