Bucket List

Overcoming the Fear

The last year has seen very little checking off of bucket list items, but I finally got one. I went out last week with my co-workers and we went to a sports bar where they have karaoke and I did something that I always avoid doing in these types of situations which is actually sing a song by myself.

Besides checking it off the list I had other motives for doing such a thing; I wanted to prove to myself that I don’t care what other people think. I have an incredibly hard time singing in front of people despite my fifteen years of training and musical theatre background. For some reason singing in front of an audience whilst wearing a costume ad bearing someone else’s name was so much easier than just being me. Whenever I try to sing in front of others I start to shake and my voice wavers and all my training goes out the window.

I also have anxiety which causes me to secretly worry, basically at all times, if everyone around me is looking at me and judging me. Over the years I have cultivated an outward persona of not caring what anything thinks or says, while internally struggling with thinking everyone must actually hate me because I’m the worst. So for me, standing up in front of a bunch of strangers, and new co-workers that I just really hope like me and don’t think I’m an annoying weirdo, was a way of proving to myself that, no matter how bad or embarrassing it would turn out to be, that I could do something that me feel judged, and be okay with it, and with myself afterwords.

So I hyped myself up to do it, to sing one song before I went home to future hubby. I picked You’re so Vain by Carly Simon which was a mistake ultimately but I was ready to face anything that may befall me; cracking voice, pitch problems, forgetting the words, getting lost, I was mentally prepared for it all. Which was good because I forgot how low Carly sings. Way lower than I was even remotely prepared for. But I got up there, and I sang, and it was bad, but I did it, and I actually (kind of) had fun. But the best part? When I walked out of there and got in my car, I didn’t even beat myself up. I didn’t over analyze or feel like an idiot, I just accepted that it happened and filed it away under good memory (slightly embarrassing).

Anxiety-1 shy of a billion, Me-1

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The Bucket List Challenge and What Pinterest Has Taught Me

For those of you who don’t know I am third year film student. I love film, I love making short films, and vlogs, but I also cooking and reading and making DIY projects and, as I’m sure you’re well aware by now, travel. Because I have a passion for all of these various things, it is no surprise that Pinterest has become a really big part of my life in the last few years. It’s the best place to sit and document all the things you want to accomplish someday. But that’s also the problem with Pinterest; we spend all of our time pinning the things we want to do, and no time actually doing them. So I have set out on a mission to correct that. I have decided that I am going to start going through my Pinterest and accomplishing the things I pin, and since I am a film maker, what else is there for me to do but document it? So here’s the deal, instead of pining other people’s lives, I am going to set up a Youtube channel where I will post recipes, DIY projects, book reviews, and most importantly travel videos as I work my way to a life well pinned. But don’t worry, I will still be blogging about it as well because how could I give up writing? I want to prove that anyone can be a doer even if you don’t have all the time and money in the world. I am so poor sometimes it’s actually tragic, but I don’t let it stop me from accomplishing the things I want to in this life.

In that same vein I will also be working through my bucket list which you can read in my blog post here, and posting videos about those experiences.  In fact when I got to Barcelona and Paris next week I will (hopefully) be checking off numbers:

74) Stand atop the Eiffel Tower, 127) Eat a croissant in France, 137) Visit Versailles, and139) Eat Paella in Barcelona

Some of them are cheesy like eating a croissant in France, but some of them are more serious like seeing the stars from Atacama or riding an elephant. I am just tired of saying someday and I really want to start saying; “Today I…” and I challenge you to do the same.

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Bucket List

1) Solve a Rubik’s cube

2) Leave a Cute Waiter my Number

3) Sing in a Karaoke Bar

4) Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina
5) Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower
6) Eat at one of the world’s best restaurants
7) Visit area 51
8) Set foot on all seven continents
9) Go white water rafting
10) Go kayaking
12) Go horse back riding in Swan Valley Montana
13) Hold an event in the sky
14) Stay in the Igloo village
15) Learn to sail
16)Go to Purna Kumbh Mela
17)Take the Route 66 road trip
18) Go to Oktoberfest
19) Get my pilot’s license
20) Learn to surf
21) Raft through the Grand Canyon
22) Be an audience member for the Best Time Ever
23) Take the toboggan run in Grindelwald via Bussalp
24) Visit the Red Woods
25) Float in the REd Sea
26) Visit Isreal
27) Watch the sun set from Oia
28) Go to Poipu Beach
29) Stargaze in Atacama Desert in Chile
30) Learn to Sew
31) Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia Turkey
32) Do a wine tour in Napa
33) Make my own Wine
34) Get through the Longleat Hedge Maze
35) Go to Mardi Gras
36) Ride a Gondela in Venice
37) Visit Stone hedge
38) Attend the running of the bulls
39) See the Northern Lights
40) Ride all the roller coasters at Cedar Point
41) Go on an African Safari
42) Bathe in the geothermal lagoons in Iceland
43) Spend the night at Myrtle’s Plantation
44) Stay at the Stanley Hotel
45) Spend New Year;s in Sydney Australia
46) Kiss someone on New Year’s in time square
47) Milk a cow
48) Stand in the crown of the statue of Liberty
49) Go to the top of the Empire state building
50) Ride the Rocky Mountaineer
51) Visit Machu Picchu
52) Tour Neuschwanstein Castle
53) Visit the Colosseum
54) Eat pasta in Italy
55) Visit the Pyramids
56) Walk the Great Wall of China
57) Visit the Taj Mahal
58) Ride an elephant
59) Attend a murder mystery dinner
60) Ride a murder mystery train
61) Swim with dolphins
62) Eat at an under sea restaurant
63) Gamble in Las Vegas
64) Eat bugs
65) Stay in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora
67) Go to LEGOLAND
68) Be a bridesmaid
69) Have English breakfast in a pub in London
70) Kayak in the biolumancent bay of Fajarolo Puerto Rico
71) Ride a cable car in San Fransisco
72) Learn to bartend
73) Go Geocaching
74) Stand atop the Eiffel Tower
75) Swim in Devil’s pool
76) Attend the Gran old Opry
77) Visit Hershey’s Chocolate world
78) Tour the white house
79) Attend a drum circle
80) Attend the Ashville Fringe Festival
81) Go to a blue’s bar in Chicago
82) Go to Cheer’s bar in Boston
83) Attend a Red Sox’s vs. Yankees game
84) Attend a game at Fenway park
85) Visit the Vatican
86) Party at Carnival
87) Buy a round for the whole bar
88) Travel on the Bejing Shanghei high spped railway
89) Climb to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa
90) Do a polar bear plunge
91) Celebrate St’ Patricks day in Dublin
92) Take helicopter ride over Kauai
93) Take a submarine tour in Waikiki
94) Visit Pearl Harbor
95) Visit the Ann Frank House
96) Swim in the world’s largets swimming pool in Chile
97) Stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden
98) Hold a Koala
99) Visit the Lourve
100) Tour Buckingham Palace
101) Attend a show at the Sydney Opera house
102) Go to Texas Sandfest
103) Go to the Breckenridge ice sculpture competition
104) Go to Frankfurt at Christmas time
105) Attend burning man
106) Go to Bonaroo
107) Visit a WWII concentration camp
108) Hike the Appalachian trail
109) Go to Hagia Sophia
110) See Petra
111) Visit Red Square in Russia
112) Visit Easter Island
113) Go to the airport and take the next random flight
114) Go to the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica
115) Take an Amazon Forest expedition
116) Zipline Costa Rica
117) Go to the sloth sanctuary
119) All aboard the Allure of the Sea
120) Fly a kite at Cervia
121) Fly first class
122) Fly first class with Emirates
123) Tour Kiyomizy-dera
124) Visit Tikal
125) Grand Canyon sky walk
126) Put a lock on lover’s bridge in France
127) Eat Croissants in France
128) Saut de Seine
129) Observe from Burj Khalifa
130) Travel the channel tunnel
131) Watch the symphony of lights from the star ferry
132) Attend the Boryeong Mud Festival
133) Play Paint Ball
134) Do aerial yoga
135) take kickboxing
136) Take fencing lessons
137) Visit Versailles
138) Go to the Graham Norton show

139) Go to La Mercia

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