European Adventure: Day One

As I type I am currently sitting at a gate in Denver international airport, under a sign that says, “Reykjavik” in red. If you asked me what emotions I’m feeling right now I suppose I would have to answer that I am feeling an odd mixture of excitement, fear, anxiety, restlessness, and just the tiniest bit of childlike wonder, at the fact that I am finally headed to Europe to live for six months.

So many American talk about being world travelers, or wanting to go places. And I must confess I agree with Sartre when he said he wished people would stop saying, “I haven’t gotten the chance…” When it comes to things they desire to do. I am finally taking my own advice and being a doing instead of a dreamer. Because the world has enough dreamers, it’s time some of us take some action. And though I’m not sure I ever thought I would be taking a ten hour flight to Frankfurt via Reykjavek, I know this is something that I’m going to get to tell my children about someday.

Two lovely things happened on the way to my gate today that I wanted to share. Firstly, DIA has installed tubes along the lines as you wait for security that say, “Change for change, helpDenver’s  homeless”, which I greatly appreciate because goodness knows the growing homeless population is becoming an issue that can no longer be ignored, but one that needs to be dealt with. Preferably with compassion and love. Also it’s just perfect. My father was even saying as we drove to the airport that he always get stopped at security because of the change in his pocket. That’s a perfect way for men and woman to empty their pockets and help their neighbors. 

The second thing that happened is that there were two just absolutely delightful TSA agents. One who was doing the initial announcements, and one who was checking bags. They both smiled, and wee kind. They joked with people and seemed like they actually wanted to be doing their job which is just great to see because, and I hate to stereotype, but a lot of time TSA agents are just….kind of…unpleasant. So overall this has been, so far at least, a stress free start to a grand adventure. Prayers are appreciated and much needed.

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