You Believe What Now?

I found out today that if you type, “The Holocaust d…” into google, it will automatically finish that with “didn’t happen” and come up with 7,560,000 results. I stared at the screen and the only words I could process were I…what…just…what? People actually believe the Holocaust didn’t happen? I mean, we’re not talking about a faked moon landing, or Walt Disney being frozen under Disneyland here, we are talking about the murder of 6 MILLION PEOPLE! Why on Earth would one person, let alone hundreds and thousands of people lie about something as horrific as that? And I’m sorry, but if you have ever seen any video or pictures of starving, wounded, sick, beaten, dead, jews how could you dare to even have such a thought? How can you look at the corpse of an innocent human being and say their life, their death, is a lie?

I decided that I was going to read what some of these people had to say and you know what I found? 32 different people who are just racist conspiracy nuts. I found no real evidence because most of it was hateful opinions, and the rest was easily refuted. One of these people had the audacity to proclaim himself a Christian and then proceed to call Jews the K word. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s people evoking the name of God to fuel their hateful opinions. Not sure if this guy noticed or not, but Jesus was JEWISH. You can’t be anti-Semitic and a Christ follower…I mean, you can…apparently…who am I to judge his relationship with God? But really who the heck says “I hate Jews” and then turns around and claims to live their life by the words of a Jewish carpenter? It sends mixed messages, but I digress. The point is, while I firmly believe in the freedom of speech, I am astonished and disgusted by what some people do with it.

As I finish up my 20th century history course and get on a plane bound for Germany in a few days it’s hard not to think about the atrocities of the two world wars we have had. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful country has to be associated with an ugly act. I hope when I am in Europe I get the chance to visit some WWII memorials and remember the victims and soldiers of the war with the respect they deserve. I hope that for every one person who stands up and says “I don’t believe this happened” a hundred will stand up and say I do, and agree to help history live on in the minds of future generations so that never again will the world have to suffer through such great atrocities.

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