Always See Your Favorite Bands Live

The saying goes that you should never meet your hero, but when it comes to people whose music you love, go see them, and meet them if you can, especially if they are doing an acoustic set.

I told you a few weeks back about my Drew Holcomb experience, and how amazing his post show was. Well on Father’s day I got the chance to go see another one of my favorite bands at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado, Johnnyswim. If you have never heard this amazing husband and wife duo, do it. Just pull up Spotify right now and listen to anything they do and you will fall in love. When I found out they were going to be at the Fox I jumped at the chance to see them in a small venue, at $20 a head. Since it was father’s day a dragged my father with me, though he seemed to also really enjoy it.

The great thing about this concert was, because it was such a small venue, Amanda Grace and Abner Ramirez did a lot of story telling, and interaction with the audience. They just got to go on stage, do what they love, and have a few laughs with a group of people who really appreciate them and the music they make. They did an acoustic concert which, honestly, I think is better than seeing them with their band. It’s so much more intimate and their songs were written for an acoustic setting really.

The whole night was just like hanging out with a bunch of old friends listening to some good music. It was a few hours full of laughter, music, drinks, and a surprisingly small amount of marijuana considering we were in Boulder Colorado. Over all it was a magical night and definitely up there for me with the Drew Holcomb concert. So basically, what I’m saying is, go see your favorite musician live. Find cheap tickets, save up your money, just go. It is so worth it, and something you will remember for a long time to come.

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