Summer Haze-My Inability to Actually Keep up With Anything

It is a proven fact in my life that as soon as school is over I am incapable of actually accomplishing anything, which includes remembering to keep my blog updated, write in my journal, or complete summer work more than a few hours before it’s due.

So, quick recap: After my adventures in Abingdon I spent a few days in Virginia Beach where I went to the boardwalk, and explored the Chrysler Museum. I then took a very long drive up to Albany New York where I wondered and got lost in New York City, boated on the Hudson (where I very nearly got seriously injured in a male pride field boating accident), went to the drive in, and rode horses through beautiful green fields. Then I was off on a two day drive to Cocoa Beach Florida where I spent most of my time lying on the beach working on my tan, reading, and doing homework (If I could go one summer without having to take online classes I think I would die of happiness). Then I stopped in Boone North Carolina where I wondered the streets of cute little towns and explored caves barefoot. After this found myself in Knoxville Tennessee where I went to tea at the a lovely Parisian tea room, and had pie at a tiny pie shop with two of my favorite woman. Then my friend and I traveled up to Indianapolis for my other friend’s bridal shower, and then another two day trip brought me back to Colorado and back to my childhood home for a few weeks.

Phew! That was quite the journey let me tell you. Now I am finally back in my home state for, at this point three more weeks before I’m off on a plane to Europe for a whole new adventure. Now to get back to my five page paper that I haven’t even started.

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