If there is one thing I wish people would stop doing, it is acting disgusted when they find out people are sick. I have been sick for the last week and some people, when they find out, you would think I had the plague they get so upset. They get this wrinkled look on their face, and back away, and say things like, “ew” or “don’t get me sick”. It’s not like I’m oozing pus out of soars on my face, honestly calm down. Some people act like I have offended them with my very presence, like my goal is to get as close to them as possible, cough on them, and make them share in my misery. I honestly can’t stand it.

I know sickness makes people uncomfortable, like I said it’s one of the things that annoys me most, so I am every aware of how people are going to react before they do it. So this time, I thought I would take precautions to stop it from happening.The first day of my sickness I walk into class, sit down on the en dog a row, push my chair further away from the other chairs than I usually would, and wait for someone to ask me how I am. My friends walk in, one of them sits next to me.

“How are you?”

“Sick.” As soon as the word was out of my mouth she slid over as far as she could.

“What kind of sick?”

“Just a cold I think”

“Oh…” but she just kept sliding. “Sorry, I just really can’t afford to be sick right now.”

Ok so here is my problem with this situation. A) I was already sitting really far away from her out of respect of her personal bubble of health, there was no need to keep scooting her chair further and further away like I was a zombie about to eat her brain. B) “I can’t afford to be sick right now.” Really? Like I can? She acted like I had gotten sick, just to come to class and make her sick, and mess up her schedule. She said it like when I told her I was sick I had really asked her to go to lunch with me. “No, sorry I can’t really afford to go out to lunch today” I wasn’t inviting her to share in my sickness, I was simply telling her my current state of being.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just not tell people and see if they even notice. Sometimes I think if we never told people we were sick they wouldn’t act like idiots trying to stay away from us. And sometimes I think I should just cough all over anyone who acts disgusted so that when they get sick I can say “Ew,” slide over and say smugly, “I just can’t really afford to be sick right now.”

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One thought on “Infection

  1. Lauren Elizabeth

    Same thing happened to me, you are not alone I promise!

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