Broadway Comes to Greeneville and Living on an Island of Singleness

One of the best things about having a friend whose father works at a large theater, is that every so often you get free tickets to things you probably would not have been able to afford to attend as a poor, art loving, college student. Tonight I got the opportunity to attend Broadway comes to Greeneville, which is not only a beautiful night of music, it also helps raise funds for the Niswonger Children’s hospital. So basically what I’m saying is I got to go to a concert staring Gary Mauer and Elizabeth Southard, for free. And if you don’t know who those two wonderful humans are, look them up. They are a dynamic Broadway duo with enough talent between them to make you sick. Broadway songs were sung, and children were benefited,a good time was had by all. Oh and there were dogs so, there’s that. There were children, dogs, and old people, all the things one misses when living on a college campus. I miss the real world.

After our night of musical filled wonder. and a quick stop by Dominoes because, frankly, we’re bad at remembering to eat, we returned to campus to watch Jurassic Park with our…friends? Is that the right word? What do you call a room full of a couple of close friends and their friends? Anyway, as we sat and watched our brave heroes overtake John Hammond’s island, I too began to realize that I was on an island of my own. As I looked around the room, I begin to notice that out of the ten people in the room, I was one of three that were single, and those two were looking like maybe they wouldn’t be single long. I was adrift on an island of singleness with no life raft in sight. I mean, you can’t very well call the game on account of singleness. Inevitably, if I tried to leave the room someone would say, “Why are you leaving so soon?” and I would say, “Oh, I’m just tired.” and someone else would say, “Stay! You can sleep when you’re dead!” and then I would be forced to say, “Thanks, but I would rather wallow in my singleness alone in my bed with Netflix than sit here with all of you hand holding losers.” And then I would lose my…friends? Again I struggle for the right word. Honesty is not always the best policy. So instead of leaving I’m sitting here…writing this blog post…while everyone reveals in their love and happiness, I’ll just eat another piece of pizza and think about taking a shot every time Jeff Goldblum says “um”.

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