Living Without Fear of Practicality

I was talking to a close friend the other day about our ideas about the future, and while I talked about Graduate schools in the New York or Boston, or traveling the country in a renovated bus, or backpacking through Asia, he just stared at me. Finally I had to stop and say,

“What? What are you staring at?”

“You.” He responded. “You’re crazy. Your plans are crazy.”

“How so?”

“They just are. They aren’t reasonable.”

“Oh ya? Then please, oh knowledgeable one, tell me what your great plans are for the future.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I would love to travel and go on adventures, but it just isn’t practical. I plan to graduate, go to graduate school, get a good job and start a family. Your plans sound nice and all, but they aren’t practical.”


“So? So? So how are you going to support yourself while you’re galavanting around the world?”

“I’ll work here and there, I’ll save and do it on the cheap…”

“You live without the fear of practicality, you know that right?”

You live without the fear of practicality. I’ve thought about that a lot since he said it and I have to admit he is probably right. Unlike so many of my college friends, I don’t live in constant fear of what the future holds. I don’t worry about having to find a high paying job, buying a house, having a family. I don’t even really worry about getting married. I mean, I want to, someday, but I’m certainly not in any hurry. I suppose I just don’t see the point. I don’t see the point at 20 years old in worrying about how I’m going to afford something ten years down the road, or twenty. I have no illusions that I will be rich someday. I simply live knowing that a life full of adventure and experience is worth more to me than a 401K. I’m not saying it’s wrong to plan for the future, in fact it’s incredibly smart and forward thinking. I’m just saying that I live without the fear of practicality. I live without the fear of having to settle down. When it happens, if it happens, I’ll cross that bridge. Until then I plan to take life as it comes and follow adventure where it leads me. Even if that means being poor. As long as I’m happy.

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