The Great European Adventure

When I graduated from High School all I wanted to do was pack up, and head…anywhere. I wanted to go to Europe and Asia and South America and Canada. Anywhere that wasn’t a tiny town in Colorado. But with no way to support myself, and two parents who insisted that I give it, “The old College try”, I was left with no choice but to pack my bags and move to Tennessee. And while I have come to love the school I go to and the people I do life with, I had, by no means, given up on those dreams of seeing the world. I just didn’t know how, or when that was going to happen. On Thanksgiving of 2013 I got a phone call from my God Father telling me that he was packing up his family and moving to Barcelona for a new opportunity. He would be working, living, and traveling in Europe, and he wanted me to come too. Obviously he knew I couldn’t just pack up and leave everything behind, that was impractical, but he encouraged me to find a way to come live with them, even for just a few months. Fast forward to June of 2014, I suddenly have a genius idea. Shortly before leaving for the summer one of my professors and asked me if I had ever considered studying abroad. As a film major there was an opportunity to go to L.A. which would fulfill my internship requirement and be a chance to study off campus for a semester. I started to think about ti and the idea began to sound more and more appealing, but in the back of my head I couldn’t get the idea of Europe to go away. Then it hit me. If i could go to L.A. on a film internship, why couldn’t I go to Barcelona on one? I immediately called my God father and pitched him the idea. I would take a semester abroad, stay enrolled at school, and intern for his production company. He loved the idea and plans began to be put into place. As I returned to school my focus was on convincing my professors and administration that this was a valuable trip that would benefit me in so many ways, and prepare me for a future in film production. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and so a year and half, and a few student loans later, I am preparing set out on the journey of a lifetime. I’ll be in Europe from July to December, traveling from Barcelona to Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Athens, London, and who knows where else? I intend to mark a few things off my bucket list, learn a little about making documentaries, and a lot about myself.

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One thought on “The Great European Adventure

  1. Lauren Elizabeth

    Props to you! Continuing to follow your dreams even with obstacles in the way. Best of luck on your journey!

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