Terrific Twenties

Today my friend turns 20. I texted her this afternoon, in all caps to express my excitement over her womb emancipation, and I informed her that her twenties are when she is supposed to have crazy wild adventures and that today was the start of that. After I sent that I started to think about my first three months of being in my twenties and what I have done, I have:

-Gone on a date that ended with a transgender singing Jolene

-Driven naked through a toll booth

-Gone to several parties

-Fallen asleep on the beach in West Palm like I had enough money to be there

-Made out with a guy in front of hundreds of people

-Left a cute waiter my number

-Gotten hit on by an old redneck at a stop light

-Gotten a real person job

-Mended a friendship

-Met a guy I had only talked to online in person (Which is not as sketchy as it sounds)

-Went to Harry Potter World

-Made a marriage back up plan

-Made plans to go to Europe

-And drank way more coffee than is probably healthy

For only being three months into my twenties I think I have done a pretty decent job of having fun. Then I realized that by this time next year I will have lived in Europe for six months, couch surfed my way through the Southeast, gone to two weddings, partied at Mardi Gras, and who knows what else. I guess I have never really stopped to think about the fact that I am finally getting to do all of the things I always talked about in my teens. I never want to be that person who has grand ideas and hopes and dreams, but never accomplishes anything. I have made a promise to myself that as long as the Lord allows me to live, I will work through my bucket list item by item until I am no longer able to. I’m already several down, including last week when I left my number for our waiter, which was actually a bad idea because it’s the coffee shop we frequent, and he works there a lot, and now I’m going to have to stop going there…so there’s that. Or just wear a wig and sunglasses and hope no one notices.

So here is the plan; I am going to post my bucket list here, and blog my way through it. I will also put up my Europe story and blog my way through that. So if you love travel, adventure, awkward stories, and general hilarity, I would suggest you hit the subscribe button and get ready for some really great stories…or lies. It depends on how interesting my life actually ends up being. But like one of my professors likes to say, “Never let the truth ruin a good story.”

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